Smaller Original Works

These original works created from drawings in the local landscape. There is a real energy to them as the initial marks and tones are made using raw pigments and natural materials. The sense of place that these very individual works create is quite remarkable. What stands about these works is the use of site specific found pigments, the expressive energy and marks.

Following on from the initial stage of drawings and then some pastels (see landscapes)  I have been working toward creating a series of acrylic paintings. In these paintings the aim is to capture a sense of each of seasons, snapshots in the landscape.

The acrylic paintings 150mm x 160mm are then used to make a very small collection of “faux Polaroid” images. (More about this process in my blogs on this site).

These works are all either 140mmx 210mm (mixed media drawings) or 150mm x 160mm acrylic paintings.

There are prints available on this site too, do please take a look.

These original works are all signed on the reverse and professionally mounted with a back board. Free shipping and insurance.

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