Seasonal changes in inspirational works

An exhibiting artist with a studio in Devon. Ivan develops a narrative with the changing seasons through a dialogue of expressive landscapes .Working as a collaborative artist on local and regional environmental projects.

The arrival of


Warm summer days and larks in the sky.

A time to seek comfort


Cold winds that blow across our lands and instill our desire to give succour.

New beginnings in


Changing landscapes and new horizons.

A time to gather and prepare


Changing colours, warm tones and earth smells, rustling leaves.

Choose something to relish


My time is divided between being out in the landscape and back at my small studio. I value the importance of being out walking and sketching along the rivers and hills in South Devon throughout the year. A rendezvous with each of the Seasons as they come and go. I am sometimes wrapped up or conversely with a parasol. There are brief encounters with the passing, inquisitive walkers. The river, like time, continues to flow and is both a physical and metaphysical element in my work, flowing as she does from the moor to the sea.

Often I begin a project with gathered site specific materials, such as found pigments. I may collage, which allows me to explore layers and composition.

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"Everything you can imagine is real”

Bringing the changing seasons interpreted through landscapes and still lifes to you.

From Ivan’s followers

"Alberto Giacometti remarquait: "Ce qu'il faut dire,ce que je crois, c'est que, qu'il s'agisse de sculpture ou de peinture, en fait, il n'y a que le dessin qui compte. Il faut s'accrocher uniquement, exclusivement, au dessin. Si on dominait un peu le dessin, tout le reste serait possible. " C'est ce que vous faites Ivan."

- Anne-Marie Paris-Leroy. Artiste peintre/docteur en philosophies-esthetique/maitre en arts plastique. Lille Hauts-de France.

"Ivan is a brilliant and imaginative artist. Pictures have a beautiful rhythm of floral design and geometry which capture your imagination."

Liz Lee, Pangborne.

"I came across Ivan Grieve's work on the internet. At first, what caught my eye was his powerful, confident approach. As I continued to follow his progress, I was surprised at his endless study, always seeking different ways of expression, constantly experimenting and trying out new mediums. All his works had one thing in common: his powerful line and clear view. And this is what is so characteristic of his art. His line. A line that conveys emotion, evokes feelings, holds power. I can't help but wonder where this line will take him, but I will definitely be around to applaud his great talent.”

Marina Syntelis- Fine Art Seascapes-Magic realism.Greece.