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Having looked at some ideas and tips for artists in my last blog, to some extent this is a continuation along the same theme as I shall take a look at a couple of magazines that have caught my eye.


Creating artwork is a large part of what an artist does, if one is passionate about something it can be expressed in an art form. The artist’s message needs to be conveyed somewhere and some how. Looking for opportunities, a platform, a stage, I addressed in my last blog (social media and artist opportunities), it was a result of following the very steps I wrote about that I met these magazines.


I needed to find media coverage, a magazine, (digital and printed) that fitted with what my work is about. I am documenting the seasons (as many artists before me) in landscapes and still life’s as I do feel we are starting to ignore of our sense of place within the seasons and our natural rhythm with Nature. If my work were to be given some column centimetres in a glossy fashion magazine  it would raise the question as to why I would want to be in such a magazine.


A.R.T.    Artists Responding To..”create an accessible platform for artists to share their work to passionate audiences, with the hopes to inspire change for a safer future.” This award winning magazine who recently won “Art Platform of the Year 2022-2023” is an artist led community, with passion and real activism with contemporary art. A quarterly magazine that is in print and digital too.

I responded to a submission opportunity through Curatorspace and am thrilled to say that my work was accepted for inclusion in the magazine. Thus empowering me and my work along side the voices of other international creatives, in the face of social, political and environmental issues.




This represented an opportunity to be alongside creatives, writers and artists, where conversations about what we are passionate about can be aired. Artistic expression helps our wider society in highlighting societal cracks and imperfections or the wounds of endured stigmas and finding ways of healing.

 The second eye catching magazine that I wish to draw your attention to is also new to the market this year and is highly exciting in its approach, Art Etcetera Magazine.

I noticed the magazine posting on Instagram in March earlier this year and the idea of a new and positive way of writing about art got my attention.


The magazine is for up-and coming artists in all forms and disciplines and the writing is focused on the themes and perceptions of the artist’s work, in a positive way rather than taking a critical approach.

The magazine has just put out it’s third edition at the same time as getting the printed AND digital subscription cost to an amazing £6.99 per month.


The up coming features on next editions will include themes of the Summer solstice and glass workers.


So the key points to this article are that there are opportunities to find magazine inclusion and I believe it is really important to the magazine and the artist that they are in harmony and sit well together.

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